Vision, Values & Key Pillars


“St Peter’s College celebrates being a Catholic Faith Community where students, teachers and families work in partnership to develop empowered, self-managing, life long learners, who live the Gospel values in a changing world.”

Key Pillars of the Vision

The Key Pillars were developed in full consultation of our community and were the key foundation statements that gave rise to our vision statement. These are the aspirations of our community.

  1. We will have a holistic approach to meeting the needs of the individual. We will develop their ability to think critically, creatively and reflectively and to have a sense of wonder and awe. Our well-rounded education will cover the physical, spiritual, academic, ethical and social dimensions of education.

  2. We will have young people who participate and contribute positively to society through leadership and service. “Making our world a better place”

  3. We will have passionate, competent, motivated, and well-resourced teachers. These resources/systems will include support to energise and provide professional development for the staff.

  4. We will have a school that nurtures the Catholic Faith and Catholic values. A School that responds to the faith journey of individuals and in doing so enables its students to make ethical and moral decisions in a changing world.

  5. We will have a strong partnership between school, students, families/whānau, and the wider Catholic Community where all are actively involved and welcomed.

  6. We will have students who are lifelong learners, who strive for personal excellence, who are adaptable and are ready to be leaders.

  7. We will have a school that celebrates its traditions and successes, recognises and celebrates the uniqueness of every student, celebrates its tall poppies and celebrates as a community.

  8. We will have a learning environment that meets the needs of 21st century students.


The College Vision is underpinned by the values that we hold dear in our College Community. They determine the way that we do things at St Peter’s College. These Values focus on service, integrity and courage, stewardship, community, respect, curiosity, wonder and awe. They are the foundation of the Catholic Special Character of St Peter’s College and we define them below.


Service is the free and generous use of one’s self, time and resources to assist people, and enable positive changes within their lives, the school and wider community.


Respect is the understanding, recognition and consideration of the needs and feeling of others. It recognises that each person is sacred and is called to develop fully. Respect is shown in our actions.


Community is people being connected and united through Eucharist, common values, beliefs and purpose and celebrating the diversity, culture and members of the community.


Stewardship: As a school, we share a responsibility to protect and respect the Catholic faith, academic knowledge and the resources of the school and the world. We care for each other and the environment of the past and present for the future. We discover and develop each individual’s talents and encourage their use for the benefit of the wider community.


Integrity is choosing to do the right thing and being honest. It is about standing firm in your Christian and Gospel values and principles. It is in living out these gospel values with integrity that leads to the kingdom of heaven.

Curiosity, Wonder and Awe

Curiosity, wonder and awe, in the physical and spiritual dimension of our world leads us to ask questions and seek answers in order that we can change our world for the better. Awe and wonder are gifts of the Holy Spirit and are part of the path to wisdom.

We also encompass other Gospel Values of reconciliation, compassion, peace, truth, justice, honesty, fairness, responsibility, faith, hope, love and mercy. We aspire to live these in the manner that Jesus taught us.


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