Teaching & Learning

One of the key strengths of our academic programme is that we are able to offer a seamless pathway for teaching and learning from Year 7 through to Year 13.

In our Junior School, Years 7 to 10, we have strong literacy and numeracy programmes which aim to improve all students’ abilities in Reading, Writing and Mathematics. We track their progress very closely and provide this information to students and parents as part of our educational partnership model. From Years 7 – 9, students are taught in homerooms and follow an integrated curriculum, called Foundation Studies, which offers rich contexts for their education.

Our Senior School, Years 11 to 13, focuses on connecting students to their chosen career pathway, post secondary school. We assess against the National Certificate of Educational Achievement, guiding students through subject choices based on their interests, their skills, and their aspirations. Pathway connections include university studies, trades academies and gateway programmes which assist students to future career pathways through gaining work experience. St Peter’s offer Scholarship programmes for Year 13 which challenge and extend those students who wish to achieve at higher levels. There are also opportunities for our senior students to undertake University level courses during their final two years at the College.

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