Pasifika Achievement Goals

Pasifika Students

The Ministry of Education’s Pasifika Education Plan (2013-2017) has a vision to see ‘five out of five Pasifika learners participating, engaging and achieving in education, secure in their identities, languages and cultures and contributing fully to Aotearoa New Zealand’s social, cultural and economic well being’. The Ministry of Education’s Compass for Pasifika Success contains three key prongs:

Pasifika Presence – Building strong foundations and smooth transitions across the education system.

Pasifika Engagement – Schools using plain language to report to parents

Pasifika Achievement – In literacy, numeracy and gaining worthwhile qualifications

St Peter’s College Pasifika Education Goals are:   


  1. Accelerating Pasifika Achievement
  2. Promotion of Cultural Experiences through Respect and Stewardship
  3. Development of Student Servant Leadership
  4. Individual Qualification and Career pathways
  5. Increased Pacific community consultation and development of a Pacific voice