Māori Achieving as Māori Pou

These are the Pou that the St Peter’s College and the whānau want to work towards over the next 5 Years, 2015-2020, to enhance the achievement of our Māori students and the wider college community. By achievement we are looking at the wider aspects of achievement to include their academic, cultural, spiritual and sporting achievements.

Pou: Tikanga Māori and Te Reo Māori (custom, language and kawa)

  • St Peter’s College endorses gaining an understanding of what it is to be Māori (allowing for the diversity with different levels of cultural identification), providing opportunities to participate in and celebrate Te Reo Māori, Kapa Haka, Pōwhiri, Tikanga Māori, Te Ao Māori, Ngā Manu Kōrero, hangi, hui and noho marae.
  • Students, whānau, Māori staff, iwi and wider community work together to increase whole school knowledge of Te Reo Māori and Tikanga Māori.
  • At St Peter’s College Māori students will be assisted/prepared to continue to live active lives in Te Ao Māori once they leave the College.
  • At St Peter’s College, the unlimited potential, cultural advantage and inherent capability of Māori students will be recognised, respected and valued. At St Peter’s College, being Māori is an advantage
  • At St Peter’s College Powhiri, karakia, kapa haka and waiata will become an integral part of school life.
  • At St Peter’s College all students will be given the opportunity and resources to learn Te Reo Māori 

Pou: Māramatanga (understanding, enlightenment)

  • St Peter’s College incorporates Māramatanga across the curriculum when recognising Māori potential and encouraging Māori students to value academic, sporting and cultural success and striving to achieve to the best of their ability (as teachers have high expectations of our Māori students).
  • St Peter’s College will ensure that the curriculum content across the school will reflect our bicultural heritage in content, context, topics and resources.

Pou: Kotahitanga (unity – working together as one)

  • St Peter’s College fosters Kotahitanga where staff, students, whānau, iwi, community providers, work in partnership to support our Māori students and deepen their knowledge of what it is to be Māori.  
  • St Peter’s College will provide opportunities for the whole school to understand cultural difference and to develop confidence in te reo Māori and tikanga Māori.
  • St Peter’s College will assist our Māori students make connections to outside tertiary institutions for use during the school years and post-school years.
  • The leadership of St Peter’s College will work closely with the whānau group to promote the interests of Māori students. 

Pou: Matauranga (Education – knowledge)

  • St Peter’s College will actively work in partnership with Māori student’s whānau to ensure the best possible educational outcomes for Māori students.
  • St Peter's College will ensure all teachers have high expectations for Māori students, value Māori  students cultural knowledge and experience, and are skilled in creating relationships in the classroom environments that promote the learning of Māori students
  • St Peter’s College will ensure teachers of Te Reo are adequately supported to perform their role to the best of their ability.

Pou:  Rangatiratanga (Self-empowerment – Self management)

  • St Peter’s College supports Rangatiratanga by offering opportunities for students to develop leadership skills (promoting positive role models), and mentoring which inspires Māori students to set goals and track their progress and take responsibility for their learning.
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