Leadership & Service

St Peter’s College focuses on developing leadership qualities in its students through extensive leadership programmes at all levels of the school.

The Leadership programme is one of Servant Leadership, as taught by Christ and modelled by Peter in the New Testament. Our school prayer asks, ‘Give us eyes that see the needs of others, and hearts that reach out to fill those needs’. One example of how we do this is the annual Keys to the Kingdom social justice project.

The Duke of Edinburgh Hillary Award forms a key part of our leadership programme. Students are enabled to demonstrate enterprise, develop leadership skills and self-reliance, respond to challenges, broaden their horizons and build their confidence levels.

In the Junior school, personal leadership is developed through a range of motivational awards, and the opportunity to be an ambassador in Year 9. Year 10 students become junior leaders, and can begin their Bronze Duke of Edinburgh Hillary Award.

In the Senior school, the Duke of Edinburgh Hillary Award continues, along with involvement in peer support programmes, where senior students mentor younger students, Year 13 students hold a range of leadership positions as the senior leaders in the school.

Camps are a valuable opportunity to foster leadership, and these, along with other Education outside the classroom opportunities, offer unique and stimulating learning opportunities to support learning and achievement.

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