Enrolment Form

Application Forms

Enrolments are being accepted for 2021. Please download the following forms and complete before submitting to the school office.

pdf Enrolment Forms Checklist (0.35MB)

pdf Enrolment Application (0.34MB)

pdf Enrolment Handbook 2022 (0.73MB)

pdf Preference Certificate

pdf Cathedral Parish Registration Form (0.89MB)

(The preference form is signed by a Priest for Preference enrolment. Without this form you are reliant on a space becoming available for non-preference students)

pdf 2022 Pupil Information Sheet (0.05MB)

pdf PN Diocese Attendance Dues Guidelines (0.27MB)

pdf PN Diocese Attendance Dues Agreement (1.70MB)

Additional information on PN Diocese Attendance Dues can be found here.

SPC operates a city bus loop. The following provides more information.

pdf St Peter’s Loop Bus.pdf (0.07MB)

BYOD (Bring Your Own Device)

The following information on BYOD devices is provided for new students enrolling in 2021.

pdf Required Devices 2021 (0.06MB)

A Digital Citizen Agreement must be signed by both the parent/caregiver and student.

pdf SPC Digital Citizen Agreement 2020 (0.32MB)