E-Learning and Collaboration

A ‘doorway’ to richer learning experiences...

At St Peter’s, teaching and learning is supported, facilitated, and ‘redefined’ by the use of digital technology and digital collaboration tools.

Students use their devices to enable new learning opportunities. Examples include : online collaborating, creating, off-site learning & posting, video making, ‘flipped learning’, and more. As we move forward, the use of ‘one-to-one’ devices will become more entrenched in the delivery of teaching and learning at St Peter’s.

Presently, we encourage the period by period use of technology in all teaching programmes and as such, students are encouraged to bring their ‘Google App’ enabled device to use at school.  FREE STUDENT WIFI is provided for students to access our Ultra Fast Broadband and the “Network for Learning.

Our move to Google for Education in 2011 brought a wide range of possibilities into our learning environment. This service provides students with online email, google docs, google sites, youtube accounts, google classroom, electronic calendar, blog sites, and online ‘drives’ with free cloud storage. All available on ‘Google-enabled’ devices such as Chromebooks, iPads, and Android tablets.

St Peter’s also maintains numerous computer labs to serve the needs of digitally driven assessment in both the Junior and Senior school, as well as digitally based subject learning. Our Library has also crossed into the digital environment, and is well equipped with computers for student research and project work.

St Peter’s students are required to complete an e-learning agreement before engaging with digital services at St Peter’s. The agreement places a significant emphasis on good and safe digital learning practices for students, families and staff.

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