Learning Opportunities

At St Peter’s College the first Key Pillar of our Vision states: “We will have a holistic approach to meeting the needs of the individual. We will develop their ability to think critically, creatively and reflectively and to have a sense of wonder and awe. Our well-rounded education will cover the physical, spiritual, academic, ethical and social dimensions of education.”

We therefore have placed a focus on continually developing a dynamic curriculum in which we place the needs of the student as a lifelong learner in the centre of our thinking and planning. We seek to develop in our students skills that will help them to succeed at school and for many years after they have left the college. These skills encompass Managing Self, Thinking, Creativity, Collaboration, Leadership, Inquiry, Risk Taking, Perseverance and Financial Literacy.

Each student is encouraged through their Connect to Succeed Coach to develop their future pathway from an early age and to assist them to gain clarity with their goals for the future.

Our Teaching approach is focussed on teaching 21st Century Students to be able to cope in their ever changing world. Through E-Learning & Collaboration encourage the use of technology as a tool for learning and developing their knowledge as well becoming good digital citizens. With Teaching as Inquiry our teachers use all the data at their disposal to meet the needs of each individual student and create the programs that engage them both in and outside of the classroom.