The purpose of career information and guidance at St. Peter’s College is to enable students to make informed decisions about their future pathways within and outside the school.

Student Pathway Planning is a process of the school working with students and parents, or caregivers, to achieve success. A key element of this is course selection. A major vehicle for doing this here at St Peter’s College is through C2S.

Students work on academic pathways gaining Levels 1, 2 and 3 NCEA and University Entrance as they progress through the school. Student pathway planning also includes helping students to gain key personal and employment skills such as written and verbal communication skills, work ethic,  leadership skills, critical thinking and problem solving. Students are offered a wide range of opportunities at the college to develop these.

Vocational Pathways is a major planning tool which connects sector related standards to six key industries and students at the college have the opportunity to gain Vocational Pathways Awards in all sectors, often through STAR, Gateway or Trades Academy Courses.

The Careers Department organises liaison visits from Tertiary Providers, the Armed Forces and Trades and Industry representatives. We provide individual or small group career or planning advice, STAR and Taster courses, Work Experience on request and help with Applications, CV Writing and Practice Interviews. At Year 13 there is a Leadership Camp with NCEA and Careers Presentation, Goal Setting Workshops and Individual Interviews. Personal support for scholarship and hostel applications and completing job applications is provided. Tertiary Study Workshops are available with providers and students attend Year 13 Tertiary Open Days.

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